About Us

Odessa International Airport LTD - a joint venture established in November 2011 by Odessa City Council and the private investor "Odessa Airport Development", financed construction of a new airport terminal and infrastructure worth 45 million dollars.

Odessa International Airport belongs to the group of the largest airports of Ukraine and by the airlines it is connecting Odessa with many cities of Ukraine, CIS, and also Western Europe, Asia, and Africa countries.

The aerodrome has one artificial runway (2800x56m), 57 parking places, taxiways network and one main taxiway. The Airport is equipped by air traffic control aids, the artificial runway is equipped by radio landing systems, light-signaling equipment, meteorological equipment providing its round-the-clock operation by ICAO 1st Category meteorological minimum from two headings of runway.

The passenger terminal is designed for international and domestic flights handling with capacity of 400 passengers per hour.

The Airport is located in the southwest part of Odessa. The distance from the city center to the airport is 7,5 km. It occupies the area of 570.3 ha.