What is the airport? Skipping the boring definitions, various images reveal themselves in mind: terminals, passengers, luggage, attentive check-in desk girls, flights schedule informational panels… people who pick somebody up and drop somebody off. The perpetual flows of people and emotions.

For instance, the preflight excitement. Ongoing business travel, or maybe the long-awaited vacation, “what`s the weather will be there?” Haven`t forgotten something? Passport, boarding pass, cabin luggage, smartphone. Need to check the mail, check-in, chat with friends in social networks, drink an espresso, or mineral water, to have a snack, or… ok let it be a shot of good old scotch for nice mood. And, at last: ”Attention all passengers! Boarding to flight has begun”. Have a nice trip!

Another situation. “The flight has landed”, waiting for pick up meeting, pleasant impatience, cup of tea, magnetic aroma of pastries, thinking of arrangements.

Various alcohol, drinks, hot drinks, pastries, sandwiches, ice-cream, confection – we are trying to serve a shade of cuisine during your stay at the airport. We are picking up with you and dropping you off for your trips, covering you with comfort, cosiness and nice service.

We are always waiting for you.