The Airline Sun d'Or Increases the Number of Flights from Odesa to Tel-Aviv

Israeli airline Sun d'Or increased the frequency of flights between Odesa and Tel Aviv to three per week since March 28th, and in the peak period there will be four flights per week.
Passengers of the "Odesa" International airport can fligh to the Israel on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. From June 2nd, there will be additional flights on Saturdays from Tel Aviv to Odesa and return on Sunday as well. Flights on the route will be performed according to the following schedule:
Flight Tel Aviv-Odesa
(departure) 05: 55-08: 40 (arrival) - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
(departure) 22: 10-00: 55 (arrival) - Saturday (since June 2nd)
Flight Odesa-Tel Aviv
(departure) 09: 45-12: 20 (arrival) - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
(departure) 02: 00-04: 35 (arrival) - Sunday (since June 3rd).
Tickets are available on the website of the air carrier, as well as in all travel agencies of the city.
Sun d'Or International Airlines is an Israeli airline (a subsidiary of ElAl Israel Airlines, which is based at Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. Cooperation between the airline and the "Odesa" International airport began in the summer 2017.