To the attention of passengers: UIA sets new hand luggage rules


From the 15th of January Ukraine International Airlines will service passengers according to new hand luggages rules. The changes will come into effect for passengers who have bought tickets on the 1st of November or later.

According to the new rules all items and accessories (including laptop, camera, duty free goods and so on) should be inside hand luggage (up to 7 kg with maximum dimensions 55 X 40 X 20 sm). You can also take seasonal clothing and umbrella (1 piece), infant care item and mobility aids for passengers with disabilities (cane, pair of crunches, walker, other items or needed medical devices).

The new rules contain some changes for business class passengers. Traveling by short and middle-haul flights they will be allowed to carry luggage up to 17 kg: 1 piece of up to 12 kg with maximum dimensions 55 X 40 X 20 sm and 1 piece of up 5 kg with maximum dimensions 40 X 30 X 10 sm. Economy class passengers also can take additional piece up to 5 kg by buying the tariff “1PC”. You can read detail rules on UIA site.