In Odessa International Airport there are two car-parks - Car-park 1 and Car-park  2.

First hour of stay on Car-park 1 is free of charge. Starting from the second hour, guests are charged according to the tariffs.

Free parking is provided only for non-commercial transport. For taxis, delivery services, buses, post office vehicles and other free use of parking is not provided.

Stay of any vehicle on the Car-park 2 is charged.

Fares for car park in the Parking #1 (daily parking)

First hour - FREE*
More than 1 hour - 15 UAH per hour, for all types of transport
8 hours and more - 120 UAH per day, for all types of transport

Fares for car park in the Parking # 2 (hourly parking)

For all  types of transport -10 UAH per hour.
8 hours and more - 80 UAH per day.
Charging interval - 1 hour.

How to enter to Car-park 1 (with free 1-th hour stay)

1. Car-park 1 (with free 1-th hour stay) is situated right at the entrance to an airport terminal complex square.
2. Click on the button at the check-in desk at the entrance to the Car-park 1 and get a check-in card. Parking system automatically records the time of entry to the car-park.
3. After receiving the card gate opens automatically, allowing entry.
4. When leaving the car-park a check-in card should be given to the operator, who will make the invoice.
5. If the car stayed for more than 60 minutes, one should pay parking tax according to the receipt.

We kindly draw the attention of drivers on the need to strictly follow the signs and markings.

Moving on the forecourt

A circular motion on three lanes is organized on the square in front of the terminal Odessa International Airport.

According to the scheme

 Right lane is intended for:
- Entry to the Car-park 1 (with free 1-th hour stay)
- Movement of the trolley;

Middle lane is designed to:
- Disembarkation/embarkation to the airport terminal
- To enter the Car-park 1 (paid parking)
IMPORTANT: Stop and parking on the strip is prohibited.

Leftmost lane is reserved for:
- Disembarkation/embarkation
- For a round turn on the forecourt.
IMPORTANT: Stop and parking on the strip is prohibited