For media

Dear colleagues!

You can get all necessary information and official comments from PR-manager of the Odessa International Airport Llt. You can call (+38050) 318-03-44.

Procedure for submission of informational requests by journalists

Requests must bee submitted on the letterhead of your media with the stamp and signature of the head.

Requests for the Odessa International Airport Llt should be sent to as a scanned file in jpg format. Or fax (+38 048) 761-69-00.

Requests for the Municipal Enterprise "Odessa International Airport" should be sent to and fax: (+38048) 761-68-58.

The answer to your request will be prerared within 5 working days. If the request requires to work with large amounts of information, the period of response can be extended up to 20 working days.

The request should contain:

• the main theme (the subject of the request);

• a list of questions;

contact details for the editory and reporter;

• date of request.

Commercial and non-commercial shooting at Odesa International Airport

Due to the fact, that Odesa International Airport is an object of enhanced security, and its main task is to provide safe and quality services for passengers, any commercial or non-commercial shooting (photos, video) should be coordinated with the airport.

The procedure for making requests to organize photo and video shooting on the territory of Odesa International Airport

Request is submitted on the letterhead of a legal entity (editorial, television, commercial company) with executive producer’s or chef’s signature. It is submitted on the name of director of the Odesa International Airport Llt Pavlo Prusak. An individual may send a request with a personal signature.

The request must be in a form of application, where the client must specify the purpose of shooting, time, duration, location of shooting. There also has to be a list of members of the team with the obligatory passport data or data of media worker identification and contacts of responsible person.

The request for photo and video shooting is sent to e-mail, as a scanned file in jpg format. The original document is given to PR-manager of Odesa International Airport during photo or video shooting.

Please note, that the request must be submitted no later than three working days before the scheduled date of the photo, video shooting.

Call +38 0503180344 or e-mail – PR-manager will give you all the information about a decision on your request. Requests, which do not contain all the required information, will be considered invalid.

Determination of shooting type

Non-commercial shooting (any kind of news and analytics content) on the territory of the airport is free of charge, but still requires a written request and agreement beforehand.

Commercial shooting (material, made for having profit), including shooting weddings, celebrations, films, television series, commercials, music videos, photography for printed entertainment media and other, costs a certain price.

Prices and requisites

Photo and video shooting on the territory of Odesa international airport – prices (UAH/hour, including VAT):

shooting at controlled zone - 3 000.00 UAH/hour;

shooting at not controlled zone - 15 00.00 UAH/hour.

Coordination of shooting takes place by phone and e-mail with PR-manager of the airport. After this, but not later, than in two days before the shooting date, client must pay money for shooting, using these requisites:

Limited Liability Company "Odessa International Airport”

Beneficiary: “Odessa International Airport LTD”

EDRPOU: 37947040

Account: 26003000031374

Account with institution:


JSC ”The State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine”, Kiev, Ukraine, for the Odessa Branch.

Intermediary bank:

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York

280 Park Avenue, New-York

NY 10017, USA

Swift code: BKTRUS33

Account: 04094227

Terms and Conditions

1. The airport has the right to refuse in shooting without pointing any cause.

2. Shooting can last no more, than two hours during working days from 8.00 to 17.00.

3. The airport may recall the permission to shoot and stop the process at any time without explaining the reasons. Odesa international airport is not responsible for any loss due to emergency stop of shooting, including material one.

4. Shooting should not bother the airport to function.

5. Consequences of shooting (for example, trash) must be removed by the client.

6. The client has to transmit a copy of the final product of shooting to Odesa international airport before making it public. Using images and logo of Odesa International Airport is allowed only with the consent of the airport. Media materials should not be used to create bad image of the airport. The airport takes the final decision, whether to publish the final product or not.

7. The client must compensate all direct or non-direct costs, incurred by the airport due to the shooting.

8. The airport does not return any money in case of cancellation of shooting.

9. If the client wants to postpone the shooting, the airport will consider this issue, only if it is notified about it no later, than in a day before the planned shooting.


Shooting can not be held on the runway, in the baggage sorting area, in the checkpoints, in the zone before the border control, in the departure hall, in the security control points.

Shooting team can not have more than 6 people in it.

The airport doesn`t support political projects and projects, which can harm the image of Ukraine, city of Odesa, the airport itself. Projects can`t violate the laws of Ukraine, exasperate racial, religious, cultural and other enmity, promote any criminal activity.


All team members must be aware and fulfill all the safety rules, wear a badge in a visible place, agree their personal stuff, equipment and themselves to be examined.

Anyone, who is danger to other people and the airport, immediately leaves the territory of the airport.

The use of explosives, pyrotechnic devices, chemicals is strictly prohibited.

Airport shall not take any responsibility in case of injury or death of the client, if he was not careful or did not follow safety rules.

If the client plans to shoot life-threatening tricks, then this issue will be agreed separately.