For Media

Dear colleagues - members of the media!

You can get all necessary information and the official comments in the Press Service of the Odessa International Airport. You can clarify the procedure for organizing photography and videoshootings at the airport, as well as to receive other information.

Procedure for submission of information requests by journalists

Requests must bee submitted on the letterhead of the publishing office or TV company with the stamp and signature of the head.

Requests for the Odessa International Airport Llt should be sent to and fax (38 048) 761-69-00.

Requests for the Municipal Enterprise " Odessa International Airport " should be sent to and fax: (+38048) 761-68-58.

Information on request will be prerared within 5 working days. If the request relates to the provision of large amounts of information, or search for information requires a significant number of data, the period for response may be extended up to 20 working days.

The request should contain:

• the main theme (the subject of the request);

• a list of questions;

contact details for the editory and reporter;

• date of request.

Photographing and filming at the airport.

Due to the increased safety requirements at the Odessa International Airport and its efforts to ensure the safety and quality of passenger services, any commercial or non-commercial photographing and filming at the airport or on its territory must first be agreed with Aviation Security Service of the airport. Clarification may be found out in the Press Service by phone (+380482) 39-35-04.

Applying procedure for organizing photographing and filming

in the Odessa International Airport

An application for organizing photographing and filming in the terminal building must be addressed to the Director of Odessa International Airport Llt and need to be sent by fax (+38 048) 761-69-00.

To conduct surveys on the controlled territory in addition one need to submit an application on the letterhead of the legal entity (editorial, TV) with the seal and signature addressed to the General Director of ME "Odessa International Airport".

The application must specify the purpose, time, duration and location of shooting, the composition of the crew with copies of identity cards, contact information, the name of the responsible person. The application must be sent no later than two working days before the shootings date (for filming that requires prerapations - not less than a week).

For information about the decision at the request call to the Press Service: (+380482)39-35-04.

Please note that in order to conduct surveys on the border controlled by the airport (runway, apron, international departure hall/arriving hall) should also be coordination with the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.


Please note, that Aviation Security Service determines the possibility of holding photographing and filming at the airport, and reserves the right to refuse to shoot without explanation.