Service level


Welcome to Odessa International Airport feed-back web-page created for excellent service assurance with due regard to clients needs.

Via the present web-page you can immediately sent a complaint or a proposal and inform about failure to maintain service quality at the airport. It will help the airport senior managers take prompt remedial measures.


To contact administration please forward information about disadvantages or irregularities discovered to

For prompt response a message should contain the following information:

- Passenger’s/Client’s Name Patronymic Surname;
- Date and time of the fact described
- Place and facts of the matter
- Details of the situation
- Contact information for feed-back

Whenever possible please enclose photo evidence, video demonstration or audio recording to your message.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality of information about a passenger and his contact details. Solely the Head of quality assurance department of Odessa International Airport shall have access to information data.  

We appreciate your support!